Apple Day



TGFI ya’ll!  Yesterday was Friday and it was even pay day. Should have been a great day. It was mostly and especially at 3:30- lol!  For some reason our kindergarten team decided it would be great to plan Apple Day the same day as picture day this year.  For the love of God why?!  How do you keep 22 four and five year olds clean and well groomed for pictures that are not precisely 15 minutes after they walk in the door?!  That is if you are lucky if they do have breakfast at school and spill milk on their nice shirt or dress.

10401260_1078654039897_8453_n - Copy

This is my niece Julia and I about 10 years ago. That is my face on picture day every time a kinder kiddos go near something remotely messy.


Through running and a little luck I was able to get the second time slot of day and we safely made it through pictures by 9:30 am. Big sigh!!! I even got a brand new ID this year.IMG-3223

We could safely move on to Apple Day activities-YEAH us! I love cooking with my kinder kiddos. I used to do it move, but we moved to being a peanut/tree-nut/sesame restricted school.  Which has made it more difficult along with increased allergies. Applesauce is safe however! In the craziness of my life I forgot to send out an APB (or a simple request-LOL) for apples to parents, so I bought and carted in pounds and pounds of apples both red and green.

I peeled and sliced the apples while the kids used plastic knives to chopped them into smaller pieces. Thank God for student interns who could keep an eye on centers ( +1 on another reason to have them) while I was dealing with controlled apple chaos.  “No, honey go wash your hands.” “But I just did.” “Yes, but you just picked your nose go do it again.” There was also the “Don’t lick the knife!” Thank goodness it was a dull plastic knife!   IMG-3220.JPG


I did not get it cooking until after 11 so it was super hot when it was time to eat it. The kids did not seem to care though. All but one enjoyed….as they should!  As I was adding the sugar an extra large clump fell in so I am sure it was super sweet.

IMG-3219 IMG-3218

We also tasted and compared red delicious and granny smith apples.  It is always fun to see the kids who are not prepared for the tartness of the granny smith.  One little girl spit it right out. That was hard not to laugh at.


And like any Thanksgiving meal the clean up was longer than the meal, but it was well worth it.   Happy Apple Day everyone and here’s your tip: Don’t plan multiple special activities for the same day!

Have you had this happen before? Let me know how you hand multiple special activities on the same time!



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