World Mental Health Day

Last Wednesday was World Mental Health Day. A big reason I started this blog was that I felt my mental health was decreasing.  Is that okay to say? Are teachers allowed to say they struggle with mental health? It is a scary thing to put out there. I’m nervous to even say it. What if a parent sees this an decides they do not want his/her child in my classroom because of my struggles?! It has been my constant fear and probably makes things worse for myself because I live under a cloud of shame.

It is something I finally admitted to myself in college and pursued help but I am guessing that I dealt with in high school as well. Anxiety. Depression. How are teachers supposed to admit that to their peers? To their administrator? To the world?  I think a big part of me keeps myself so busy that I do not “feel” most of the time. I can live my life and seem happy-go-lucky.  My anxiety however…..


Pic from Glennon Doyle’s Instagram

This is me in a nutshell. I like to think of myself as laid back but my anxiety kicks my butt.  I have been told by one of my best friends that I am one of the strongest people she knows. Is that a good thing? Or am I just hiding behind a shell? I am thankful that my depression ebbs and flows. It has never been as bad as when my mom died six years ago understandably so I know I can make it through most things now, but anxiety is crazy.


So I put this all to you in the world. Would knowing that your child’s teacher struggled with anxiety and/or depression make you concerned? Why or why not?

To those teachers that do struggle with their mental health I say, carry on and persevere! Know that there are many teachers out there that struggle as we do. Make sure you are doing self-care.

Self-care is different for every person. For me it is a massage every two weeks and starting this blog. It spending time with my nieces and nephews. What do you for self-care?


For those who do not struggle, make sure you are checking in with those around you. We may try to push you away but don’t let us.

IMG-2919 (2)IMG-2917 (2)

Both pics are from Glennon Doyle’s Instagram



One thought on “World Mental Health Day

  1. I know it’s scary to put your vulnerable voice out there but you may help others come out from their shadow from the mental health stigma! Writing can be so healing too and I hope you find some along this journey!


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