A Weekend I Needed

Friday was rough! That is a complete understatement. I had to leave the classroom for a break and I was almost in tears at one point of the day it was so rough.  This was me during lunch:


I am so blessed that I have amazing work friends and one met me out for a drink after school at Detroit Fleat. Well, I should say out for water since I am on this crazy diet for another week and a half but more on that when it is over 🙂  More importantly it was just good to decompress with Meagan!  She is our amazing music teacher and the kindergarten team has adopted her onto our team.  It was so wonderful to chat, bond and de-stress for a bit her.  What a great way to leave school behind and start my weekend. Thanks Meagan- You have no idea how much I needed it!! I hope all of you out there have Meagans of your own.

Saturday I headed Downtown to Punchbowl Social for a 40th birthday party for my friend Fred.  Fred is my good friend Mindy’s husband and they live in the Lansing area and were having a bunch of people gather in Detroit for a fun night out. Since I live here I opted out the hotel and just met them there which led to me joining a different Fred’s SURPRISE party at Punchbowl Social. OMG- when I was directed to the party I felt like a deer in the headlights because I literally saw no one I knew and saw “50th” posters all over.  Feeling something was off, I made sure the party was indeed for Fred; some lady waved me in and welcomed me with open arms. Once “Fred” walked in for his surprise, I had my own surprise and and quickly made my own exit while everyone was cheering- LOL!

I finally found my Fred and had a blast. Punchbowl Social is great fun with bowling, darts, ski ball, pool, an arcade, and more. While I only knew a few people as I moved from Lansing nine years ago it was a hilarious time to make new friends.  We then walked to Pappy’s to dance and drink (more water for me) more.

IMG-3753    IMG-3747 (2)


IMG-3734 (2)

Friends are people that fuel your soul and my soul was filled this weekend.  I was also able to binge watch the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina on Netflix. Sure a teenage show, but I enjoyed nonetheless which is what matters.  Got in two workouts and my meal prep for the week. I count this as a good weekend.

So how was your weekend? What did you do to take care of yourself and fuel your soul?






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