What Am I Doing?

Hey Girl!

Fellow teachers out there will probably get the “Hey Girl” insinuation there. What teachers out there don’t love a good “Hey Girl” meme, right?! The Ryan Gosling ones are my favorite.


(source quickmeme.com)

Anyway, I digress. I’m Lynne and you landed on my new blog.  Just a bit about myself. I’m a kindergarten teacher in the Metro Detroit area and I just started my 15th year in the classroom and my 18th year in the education field. Am I that old?! Some days it feels like it and some days I still feel like I should be in grade school. I mean people trust me to educate young children; that is a big responsibility! Remember the days when we just want to grow up so we could do whatever we wanted? Well here they are so I am doing what I want now.

Why a Blog?

Writing a blog is something I have thought about for a long time. Several years to be not so exact.  I loved reading blogs of other teachers, especially kindergarten teachers out there to get ideas for my own classroom.  Two thoughts would always come to my head.

First: A lot of what they would say on their blogs was common sense. It was stuff I was doing in my own classroom. They did not come up with a new magical way to teach or connect with kids.  Best practices are best practices.

Second: Wow! They are so creative to make all of those great centers and lessons for their kiddos. Where do they find the time?! I barely find time to get up, teach, go home, teach my college classes, and go to sleep. I hardly ever saw my friends.

The years progressed and I decided it was time. Time to stop being nervous that no one wanted to hear what I had to say. Time to stop saying I do not have the time. This blog is for me to get my voice out and I would LOVE for you to join me.

What Are My Goals?

As child I doubt my parents would have ever classified me as a work-a-holic, probably closer to the lazier side.  Lord knows I can binge watch tv and movies on a couch like nobody’s business. However, when it comes to work I have developed into a work-a-holic with a “no complex”.    I am a single women with bills so I tend to take on too much. Okay- not tend to; I do.

So this blog is my journey as I strive to find a better work life balance. I want to put more fun in my life. I hope you join me. Comment on my posts. See what I do in my classroom. Tell me how you find balance. How do you say no at work? What do you do for fun? Challenge me to go do something and I can try it and write about it.  Let’s do this together!