A Weekend I Needed

Friday was rough! That is a complete understatement. I had to leave the classroom for a break and I was almost in tears at one point of the day it was so rough.  This was me during lunch:


I am so blessed that I have amazing work friends and one met me out for a drink after school at Detroit Fleat. Well, I should say out for water since I am on this crazy diet for another week and a half but more on that when it is over 🙂  More importantly it was just good to decompress with Meagan!  She is our amazing music teacher and the kindergarten team has adopted her onto our team.  It was so wonderful to chat, bond and de-stress for a bit her.  What a great way to leave school behind and start my weekend. Thanks Meagan- You have no idea how much I needed it!! I hope all of you out there have Meagans of your own.

Saturday I headed Downtown to Punchbowl Social for a 40th birthday party for my friend Fred.  Fred is my good friend Mindy’s husband and they live in the Lansing area and were having a bunch of people gather in Detroit for a fun night out. Since I live here I opted out the hotel and just met them there which led to me joining a different Fred’s SURPRISE party at Punchbowl Social. OMG- when I was directed to the party I felt like a deer in the headlights because I literally saw no one I knew and saw “50th” posters all over.  Feeling something was off, I made sure the party was indeed for Fred; some lady waved me in and welcomed me with open arms. Once “Fred” walked in for his surprise, I had my own surprise and and quickly made my own exit while everyone was cheering- LOL!

I finally found my Fred and had a blast. Punchbowl Social is great fun with bowling, darts, ski ball, pool, an arcade, and more. While I only knew a few people as I moved from Lansing nine years ago it was a hilarious time to make new friends.  We then walked to Pappy’s to dance and drink (more water for me) more.

IMG-3753    IMG-3747 (2)


IMG-3734 (2)

Friends are people that fuel your soul and my soul was filled this weekend.  I was also able to binge watch the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina on Netflix. Sure a teenage show, but I enjoyed nonetheless which is what matters.  Got in two workouts and my meal prep for the week. I count this as a good weekend.

So how was your weekend? What did you do to take care of yourself and fuel your soul?






Apple Day



TGFI ya’ll!  Yesterday was Friday and it was even pay day. Should have been a great day. It was mostly and especially at 3:30- lol!  For some reason our kindergarten team decided it would be great to plan Apple Day the same day as picture day this year.  For the love of God why?!  How do you keep 22 four and five year olds clean and well groomed for pictures that are not precisely 15 minutes after they walk in the door?!  That is if you are lucky if they do have breakfast at school and spill milk on their nice shirt or dress.

10401260_1078654039897_8453_n - Copy

This is my niece Julia and I about 10 years ago. That is my face on picture day every time a kinder kiddos go near something remotely messy.


Through running and a little luck I was able to get the second time slot of day and we safely made it through pictures by 9:30 am. Big sigh!!! I even got a brand new ID this year.IMG-3223

We could safely move on to Apple Day activities-YEAH us! I love cooking with my kinder kiddos. I used to do it move, but we moved to being a peanut/tree-nut/sesame restricted school.  Which has made it more difficult along with increased allergies. Applesauce is safe however! In the craziness of my life I forgot to send out an APB (or a simple request-LOL) for apples to parents, so I bought and carted in pounds and pounds of apples both red and green.

I peeled and sliced the apples while the kids used plastic knives to chopped them into smaller pieces. Thank God for student interns who could keep an eye on centers ( +1 on another reason to have them) while I was dealing with controlled apple chaos.  “No, honey go wash your hands.” “But I just did.” “Yes, but you just picked your nose go do it again.” There was also the “Don’t lick the knife!” Thank goodness it was a dull plastic knife!   IMG-3220.JPG


I did not get it cooking until after 11 so it was super hot when it was time to eat it. The kids did not seem to care though. All but one enjoyed….as they should!  As I was adding the sugar an extra large clump fell in so I am sure it was super sweet.

IMG-3219 IMG-3218

We also tasted and compared red delicious and granny smith apples.  It is always fun to see the kids who are not prepared for the tartness of the granny smith.  One little girl spit it right out. That was hard not to laugh at.


And like any Thanksgiving meal the clean up was longer than the meal, but it was well worth it.   Happy Apple Day everyone and here’s your tip: Don’t plan multiple special activities for the same day!

Have you had this happen before? Let me know how you hand multiple special activities on the same time!


Oh What a Night….or Two

Can you hear the song in your head?   Oh what night! Late December back in ’63…  I love that song.

I think I did pretty well this weekend on my quest for work-life balance if I do say so myself. This weekend was Homecoming in my school district so we had our big district parade and tailgate.  It actually is pretty fun. I like to see lots of my students and families from prior years. I walked the parade with two of last year’s kiddos.


Selfies while walking the parade route are hard. Sorry S- that your head is halfway cut off!  There were lots of families to catch up with and kids that are now in middle school that are only cool enough to wave hi to me as their former teacher. What happened to our hugs….sigh!

Normally, I make sure I get home at a decent time so I can hop online to teach my online college course, but I made sure I got all of my work and obligations done for that so I could stay out for the night.  Ferndale also happened to be having the DIY Street Fair this weekend too.  A dad of one former students happened to be playing with his band Extra Arms so I walked over to hear him play.   Michael and band rocked it out!


I ran into several of my of former students and their families on my way into DIY and rocked to the show then hung out for a while catching up and having fun.  It was a blast!

Saturday brought along my nephew’s soccer game.  Soccer runs in the family. My sisters and I all played travel soccer growing up. My brother-in-law did also and he was pretty amazing and played at the Olympic development level. He could have gone much farther had he not had a tendency to to basically break his nose all the time and kill his hips and knees.  Anyway, I digress. I say all that to tell you it’s in the family bloodlines, at least a fondness for soccer if not the skills.

I played goalie as a kid and I was pretty good at it, until one day I decided I didn’t like it anymore.  I stayed out of goal for a long time then one day I got sent back to goal and I was scared, so I wasn’t that good anymore.  I love that Noah chooses play goal, but man is it stressful, especially when he picks the grass instead of watches the ball!

IMG_2987  IMG_2988

I look like this most of the time


I came home to do college work. It is hard to get myself to work on Saturday, but deadlines are deadlines. I did it and got myself ready to go out. My friend Dani was having a birthday karaoke party where I was not going to know anyone. So was I going to go? Um……typically no. I am filled with social anxiety and an introvert who does not sing karaoke without being sick or having enough alcohol in my system (which if you know me RARELY happens- I can count on one hand).

However, I since I am trying to find this new happiness for myself I went and I am I glad I did.  Dani’s friends are hilarious and some other things not safe for blogging-lol,  but oh so much fun!  So a big Happy Birthday Dani!!

IMG_3023      IMG_3029


Then I came home and almost killed myself by forget that my condo complex had removed a part of my walkway about a week and a half ago.  Walking in the dark at 2:30 am it wasn’t at the top of my mind and I almost landed in the bushes as I wasn’t prepared for the drop in the concrete. I am sure you can picture it now from my Instagram story!



Today I spent the day grading 17 college papers and staying in pajamas. Not super fun, but well worth the weekend I had.

So how was your weekend?  What do you do that was fun and recharged you for the week? Drop me a comment and let me know how I can help you with work life balance or classroom tips.