A New Year- A New Intern

Today a new student intern started in my classroom.  Normally they begin before school year starts, but hey we are in education. We roll with what happens around us. I count myself lucky she is with me at all. I was originally assigned an intern before school even started but for unknown reasons it did not work out and the first one never showed up.

I love having student interns in my room. This is actually my third year having student intern(s) in my classroom. While some teachers do not like it or shy away from it for various reasons of their own I will take any that I can get.

So how does this work in my journey to find balance? Student interns typically can be more work, it can slow me down, and means more meetings and planning time. However, I like to look at the flip side of it. I get more adult support in the room. The kids get more adult support and intervention. It means I will be able to take the time to handle kinder kiddo conflict while she continues teaching.  It means she will be able to do an extra intervention group  at the same!  I like to think of it as a win-win situation.

Lucky me too- I get to make an amazing impact on a new teacher and in a way all of his/her future students.  I get to build a relationship with a newbie teacher who can bring all of their ideas to our classroom and I learn from them too.  I am still in touch with my mentor teacher almost 20 years later and look up to her career in the early childhood field.


This article from Edutopia is great and talks about how every teacher needs a mentor. Did you know that most teacher who leave the profession in the first five years do so because they lack support. Mentors can do a lot to curb this stat.

So teachers (even non-teachers) out there- do you have yourself a good mentor?

Someone who will:

  • Support you
  • Challenge you in positive ways
  • Celebrate your success
  • Listen and Collaborate
  • Be a Safe Space for You (most important!!)

If you do not have a person like this in your life- seek one out immediately!  If there is not one at your place of work, seek one out locally.  If there is no one- email me; I’ll be there for you (now imagine me singing the Friends theme)



What Am I Doing?

Hey Girl!

Fellow teachers out there will probably get the “Hey Girl” insinuation there. What teachers out there don’t love a good “Hey Girl” meme, right?! The Ryan Gosling ones are my favorite.


(source quickmeme.com)

Anyway, I digress. I’m Lynne and you landed on my new blog.  Just a bit about myself. I’m a kindergarten teacher in the Metro Detroit area and I just started my 15th year in the classroom and my 18th year in the education field. Am I that old?! Some days it feels like it and some days I still feel like I should be in grade school. I mean people trust me to educate young children; that is a big responsibility! Remember the days when we just want to grow up so we could do whatever we wanted? Well here they are so I am doing what I want now.

Why a Blog?

Writing a blog is something I have thought about for a long time. Several years to be not so exact.  I loved reading blogs of other teachers, especially kindergarten teachers out there to get ideas for my own classroom.  Two thoughts would always come to my head.

First: A lot of what they would say on their blogs was common sense. It was stuff I was doing in my own classroom. They did not come up with a new magical way to teach or connect with kids.  Best practices are best practices.

Second: Wow! They are so creative to make all of those great centers and lessons for their kiddos. Where do they find the time?! I barely find time to get up, teach, go home, teach my college classes, and go to sleep. I hardly ever saw my friends.

The years progressed and I decided it was time. Time to stop being nervous that no one wanted to hear what I had to say. Time to stop saying I do not have the time. This blog is for me to get my voice out and I would LOVE for you to join me.

What Are My Goals?

As child I doubt my parents would have ever classified me as a work-a-holic, probably closer to the lazier side.  Lord knows I can binge watch tv and movies on a couch like nobody’s business. However, when it comes to work I have developed into a work-a-holic with a “no complex”.    I am a single women with bills so I tend to take on too much. Okay- not tend to; I do.

So this blog is my journey as I strive to find a better work life balance. I want to put more fun in my life. I hope you join me. Comment on my posts. See what I do in my classroom. Tell me how you find balance. How do you say no at work? What do you do for fun? Challenge me to go do something and I can try it and write about it.  Let’s do this together!